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privacy and data protection

Privacy & Data protection

The employer’s mileage registration systems, but also systems built in by leasing companies or the car brand, record all kinds of data that the legislator regards as personal data. For example, mileage, speeds, dates, trips and locations. That is why it must be clear what exactly is registered, what happens to the data and who has access to this data.

Privacy mileage reporting

Mileage registration and privacy. Two words that are inextricably linked because a mileage report contains a lot of privacy-sensitive information.

We’ll show you how TrackJack deals with this.

Privacy Mileage report

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Privacy Statement

We feel your data protection is very important and you should be able to rely on us.

Your privacy is our top priority. In our privacy statement you can read how we deal with data protection.

Download our privacy statement (NL)

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Privacy policy

Our policy is aimed at meeting the requirements of our  customers, from our  standards as well as relevant laws and regulations. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

To the privacy policy


Keurmerk Ritregistratiesystemen

Our TrackJack PRO Fiscal product has a quality mark for mileage reporting systems. This guarantees quality, privacy, security and continuity.

Download the Dutch “Code of Conduct Privacy Vehicle Tracking Systems

Download the Dutch  “Regulations of the Appeals Committee for the Code of Conduct Privacy Vehicle Telematics Systems


Processing Agreement

When an organization outsources the processing of personal data to a third party it is mandatory from privacy laws to make arrangements for the processing of the data. These agreements must be in writing. The document in which the agreements are described is called a ‘Processing Agreement’, which we make available to you.

Please note that the processors agreement is only valid if you return it signed to us to

Download the Processing Agreement (NL)

Processing Agreement

Privacy arrangement employer - employee

It is important to make and record good agreements with your drivers. This is usually done in a  privacy arrangement.

A one-time consent form alone is not sufficient.It must be clear to a driver which data is extracted from the car, who can view it and for what purposes it is used.The driver can also invoke various rights, such as the right to object, the right to access and the right to data portability.We have drawn up a privacy policy for you which you can download below.

Download Privacy arrangement (NL)

Employer privacy

Right to be forgotten

Under the GDPR legislation, everyone has the right to be forgotten by TrackJack. Use the form below to indicate that we must remove your data from our systems.

Download the form (NL)

Right to be forgotten

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