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Online Account and App

You manage all data via a user-friendly online account and smartphone app. Since you will be working in the cloud, you can login from any location with an Internet connection and view your data. Software installations are not necessary and you can login with multiple people simultaneously. Below we explain how this works and give you an inside view of the online account and app environments.

User-friendly online account

You have an online account for managing all the data.  Since you will be working in the cloud, you do not need to install any software and you can login from any location with an Internet connection. Everything is accessible online and multiple people can login at the same time.


App for Smartphone and tablet

Also when on the road, you can access all data with the TrackJack app, which you can download free of charge.  The app is suitable for Android and iOS.


How it works

TrackJack systems work via GPS (highest category) and GPRS (mobile network). This technology, in combination with our advanced applications, ensure optimum localisation and registration of your vehicles or property.


European coverage

All products work in all of Europe as standard. If a vehicle/item of property leaves the Netherlands, the system automatically continues to register it without any additional costs.

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Optimum security

Data protection is very important to us and we know you must be able to trust the level of protection provided. We take your privacy very seriously. All products, applications and connections are optimally secured.

More about privacy and data protection.


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