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Secure your equipment and machinery

Always the latest insights into the location of your equipment

Heavy equipment is difficult to secure and is often left unattended with minimal protection.
How do you know that your equipment is still where you left it?

With TrackJack you  have direct insight into the current location(s) from your office or home. Even when a machine is stolen, you are automatically alerted with all information where the machine is currently located.

Optimal protection of your equipment

  • Track your machines & equipment online
  • For equipment with or without power supply
  • Online management via the website and smartphone app
  • European or worldwide coverage
  • User-friendly, affordable and without long-term subscriptions

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How does the security of your equipment work?

With the help of a GPS tracker in your equipment, you always have insight into it’s location. The location  is determined by means of GPS (satellites) and is sent by GPRS (mobile network) to our secure software that allows you to see everything in your account.

You log in online or via the TrackJack app and view and manage your data.

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Equipment with power supply

The TrackJack OTM 3 is perfect for tracing machines with power supply such as cranes, shovels, tractors, bulldozers, forklifts, aggregates and more.

The TrackJack OTM 3 is connected to the power supply and, depending on your wishes, provides a location 2 times a day or even every minute. You will also receive notifications in the event of sabotage or theft.

More about the OTM 3

TrackJack OTM 3 GPS tracker

Equipment without power supply

The TrackJack Endurance is perfectly suitable for GPS tracking of equipment without a battery or power supply, such as containers, trailers and other (company) objects. The TrackJack Endurance is equipped with an internal battery that can be traced up to 5 years on one battery.

More about the Endurance

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Our GPS trackers

TrackJack OTM 3 GPS tracker

TrackJack OTM 3

The best GPS tracker to connect to your powersupply

  • GPS tracking throughout Europe
  • Easy to integrate into your machines and equipment
  • Choose the functionalities with a service level

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TrackJack Endurance GPS tracking

TrackJack Endurance

The perfect tracker with a built-in battery

  • Global GPS tracking
  • Up to 5 years of tracking on one battery
  • Choose how often you want to receive a location

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The benefits of TrackJack

  • Insights into the location of all your machines and equipment.
  • All your objects combined in one online account
  • Easy to group and filter with different colors, logos and names
  • Theft and sabotage alerts and security zone
  • With overview of the working hours of equipment

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Do you want to know more?

We are happy to advise you on the options for a GPS tracker for your motorhome. Please contact us on 010-8200190 or request a quote without obligation.

We are available on working days from 09:00 to 17:00.

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Track your equipment online and via the smartphone app

Whichever track and trace system you choose, after installation you can view the location(s) of your equipment using the online software on a map including street names.

The online software is accessible from anywhere and you can log in with several people at the same time. With the TrackJack App for the Smartphone and tablet, you also have all the data at your fingertips while on the road.

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European or global tracking

You can choose a GPS tracker with European or worldwide coverage. Our GPS trackers are equipped with roaming SIM cards for optimal coverage abroad and also work independently of the provider.

If, for example, provider A has a malfunction, the GPS tracker immediately switches to another provider so that it always remains operational and locations can be passed on.

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