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gps tracker scooter

GPS tracker scooter

GPS scootertracker. Scooters, mopeds and bicycles are often stolen. Especially Vespas are popular items for thieves. Perhaps your scooter itself has been stolen several times. How can you secure the scooter in addition to the locks you already use?

The answer is the GPS scooter tracker from TrackJack. A small GPS tracker you install  in the scooter, which allows you to see where the scooter is through our online account and app. You will also be notified in the event of theft and when the power supply is disconnected.

The advantages of our scooter GPS tracker

  • Always know where your scooter is
  • Receive alerts in case of  sabotage and theft
  • Track & trace by using the  app and online account
  • Very affordable and without long-term contracts
  • Used by over 55.000 users worldwide

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Know where your scooter is.

Once the GPS tracker is installed in the scooter, you can easily check the location of the scooter using your online account. Your online account is accessible from anywhere.

And if you’re on the road, you can also view the location of the scooter via our app. You can log in with several people at the same time and you do not need any licenses or installation of software.


Receive alerts in case of theft or sabotage

When your scooter is moved without the ignition on, you will immediately receive a theft report. A notification is also sent if the GPS tracker is disconnected from the power supply.

TrackJack scooter

Very affordable, no long-term contracts

The scooter GPS tracker from TrackJack is very affordable and without monthly subscription costs.  Because every scooter owner has different wishes, four different Servicelevels are available.

What level suits you best

Do you want to get the location of your scooter twice a day or every 10 minutes? You can choose from four Servicelevels, each with its own functionalities. You can already secure your scooter for € 19.95 per year!

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TrackJack OTM 3

You can order the TrackJack OTM 3 in our webshop. Orders on weekdays before 15:00 are delivered the next day.

And would you like to have the TrackJack installed? Then we'll come to you to take care of the installation.

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Technical specifications

Voltage10 – 30V
65 mA
Protection mode on, system shuts down34V
6,5 x 5,6 x 1,9 cm
62 gram
Connectable to alarmYes


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