Fleetmanagement van TrackJack Europe

Fleet Management

When you have a better overview of your fleet you will be able to achieve considerable financial savings on fuel and vehicle expenses. We will gladly assist you to obtain this overview so that you can deploy your fleet more efficiently.

Time registration

Do you know how many hours the vehicles in your fleet are active? The hour overview module provides you with complete records of your fleet activity per day, and a total summary per month. View the options available with time registration.

Mileage report

Since you have access to the mileage reports of your fleet you can also respond actively to the service requirements for the vehicles. You can view the mileage reports online at any time so that you know exactly when a vehicle needs to go in for a service.

In addition you also know exactly how many kilometers your employees travel each day, week or month. When you compare this information to fuel card data you can see the exact consumption for each vehicle.  View the options available with mileage reporting here.

Travel logs

You are not only limited to mileage reports, as you also have the option to view all travel through the travel record module. View of the features of the travel log.