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How does TrackJack work?

Precise positioning with GPS

TrackJack uses a GPS (Global Positioning System). A GPS device uses satellites to determine the location of a device, anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds. The combination of this GPS technology and the advanced TrackJack server enables you to track and trace the exact location of your car fleet, vehicles or vessels, equipment or individuals.

A fully web-based portal

TrackJack provides you with a personal online account where you can access all your data. This ensures that you have a complete overview of all your data, wherever you are in the world, as long as you have internet access. An additional advantage is that no software needs to be installed. All information is accessible online to multiple users as the same time.

Smartphone application

There is also a TrackJack app for smartphones, so that you have access to the system while on the go.

Using TrackJack

TrackJack is very affordable and does not require a subscription. The available functionalities depend on the service level you choose. With TrackJack OTM 2.0, you can choose from 5 service levels after you have activated the system. Each Service level provides different functionalities.
The TrackJack Professional allows you to adapt the functionality of the system completely to your needs. You can select which functionality you want in the system by ticking the appropriate boxes.

European coverage with roaming SIM card

The system has a roaming SIM card installed as standard so that you have complete European coverage at no extra cost. This ensures that you will not be faced with unexpected extra fees while using the system abroad (in Europe). See the overview of countries with TrackJack standard coverage here.