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Travel log

Comprehensive Travel log thanks to TrackJack Professional

TrackJack Professional provides a fully automated travel log system, which leaves you more time to focus on your core business.

Online travel log

TrackJack Professional keeps all essential data visible and accessible. Just log in to our online portal using your username and password to view the travel log and export it to Excel or PDF format. You do not require any extra software, and the information is accessible online to multiple users simultaneously, whenever you want to view it. Among the benefits are:

  • travel and mileage reports (both business and private use);
  • travel time summaries;
  • speed reports;
  • maintenance alerts;
  • manage your data online;
  • all data electronically secured;
  • tax reports in Excel or PDF format.

Complete travel information 

Reports are automatically generated online. The reports include the following information:

  • start and stop times;
  • date;
  • trip number;
  • odometer start and end values;
  • the route travelled;
  • address of origin and destination;
  • type of use (business or private).