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Mileage Report

Comprehensive mileage tracking with TrackJack Professional

Drivers of company cars need to keep track of their mileage for various reasons. TrackJack Professional registers mileage automatically and creates reports that you can access online. Whether it concerns a lease vehicle or a complete car fleet, your mileage reports are available when you need them.

Why Mileage Report?

  • Precise mileage reports to present to your customers
  • Maintenance alerts to improve fleet management
  • System detects excessively high and low mileages

Clear reports

TrackJack Professional ensures complete Mileage Report:

  • vehicle make;
  • vehicle model;
  • vehicle licence plate;
  • vehicle availability;
  • trip date;
  • odometer start and end values;
  • address of origin and destination;
  • the route followed (incl. detours taken from the intended route due to traffic or for private use);
  • type of trip (business or private).

Data processing

In order to obtain reliable mileage tracking data, it is important that your data are processed properly. TrackJack is extremely accurate, transmitting vehicle locations every 30 seconds. The system also makes it possible to create comprehensive export files, saving you time.