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Kilometre log

Kilometre logs: precisely according to Tax and Customs Authority requirements

TrackJack fully takes care of kilometre logging for you. You drive and we record the trips. We install the kilometre logging system at your business location, from which moment it automatically records all trips and kilometres. Via an online account, you can view the kilometre log, make comments and download the kilometre records as a PDF, Excel or other file format. Precisely according to Tax and Customs Authority requirements, confirmed by the Quality Mark for Kilometre Registration Systems.

View kilometre logs online

With a username and password, you login to an online account for immediate access to all data related to your vehicles and:

  • Trip overviews that meet Tax and Customs Authority requirements
  • Possibility to animate the kilometre logs
  • Kilometre overviews
  • Hourly time sheets
  • Overview of speeds driven
  • Points of interest and more…

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Kilometre logging FISCUS PROOF

The   TrackJack PRO Fiscaal satisfies all Tax and Customs Authority requirements for a balanced kilometre registration and is certified with the quality mark for Kilometre Registration Systems.  Should the Tax and Customs Authority announce an inspection, this will usually be a brief inspection since you use a certified kilometre logging system.


Easily downloadable in Excel or PDF formats

In a matter of a few mouse clicks, you can download the kilometre log in Excel, PDF, HTML or Auditfile format for the Tax and Customs Authority.


Multiple drivers per vehicle?

With driver identification, the driver of each trip is registered. Each driver is assigned their own ID key which they scan in the vehicle as soon as they are ready to depart.  Should the driver forget to scan their ID, a bleep sounds to remind them to do so.


Installation at your location

We work with professional and experienced engineers who will take care of the installation of your kilometre registration system at your location. This means that we will travel to your desired location in the Netherlands for a fixed low rate per installation. For more information, feel free to contact us with no obligation at: 010-8200190.


We will give you an online tour

To give you a good impression of the possibilities, we will show you in an online tour how the TrackJack kilometre registration system works in practice.  From how you login to the account to downloading the trip reports and more.

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A quotation without any obligation?

You will not want to choose just any kilometre registration system.  As we understand this, we will be happy to advise you free of obligation on the system’s functionality and possibilities.  You can contact us on: 010-8200190 or request a quotation without any obligation.  You can count on sound advice and transparency on our part.

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