GPS Track en Trace van TrackJack Europe

GPS Track & Trace

Keep track of your vehicles in real time with track & trace

As a specialised track & trace company, we can use GPS tracking to tell you exactly where your vehicle, vessel or equipment is via an online account or your smartphone.

Track & Trace for businesses

Our track & trace system works by means of a GPS system that is built into your company’s vehicles, vessels or heavy equipment. The location is determined precisely by means of satellite positioning; you can see the location whenever you want by logging into a personal online account or via a special smartphone app.

Very affordable and no subscription costs

TrackJack’s track & trace systems are very affordable, and you won’t be faced with monthly subscription costs. After purchase, you can choose an SLA that best suits your needs. TrackJack works across the border too, with standard European coverage at no extra cost.

Theft and tamper alerts

Our track & trace system offers more than just GPS localisation. For example, you will receive an alert when the system is disconnected from the battery, and you will also be warned if the system is moved without the vehicle ignition being started.

Advantages of Track & Trace

  • Track your vehicles wherever you are, whenever you want.
  • Request the current location immediately on your computer or smartphone.
  • Complete control over your vehicles means major savings.
  • Theft and tamper alerts.

In addition to vehicle tracking, we can provide comprehensive travel information for a complete overview of the movements of your car fleet.