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GPS track en tracing TrackJack

GPS Track & Trace

Online GPS Tracker for your vehicles or vessels

Track your vehicle, fleet or scooter with the TrackJack OTM 3 GPS tracker. A highly reliable GPS Tracker that is installed in the vehicle, ensuring that you have insight into all relevant locations and are warned in the case of theft.

The number 1 GPS Tracker

  • Always know the location of your car, boatmotorcyclescooter or equipment
  •  Easy login via your online account or smartphone app.
  • Receive a sabotage report if the power supply is interrupted
  • European coverage in 28 EU countries
  • User-friendly, affordable and with no long-term subscriptions or contracts.
  • More than 40,000 systems sold

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Online Account & Smartphone app

Once the GPS tracker has been installed, you will be able to view the locations on a map provided with street names etc. via the online account. The online account can be accessed from any location. You can login with multiple people simultaneously and you require no licences/software installations.   Furthermore, with the TrackJack app for the smartphone and tablet, you will have all data at your fingertips when on the road.


From €12.56 per annum

You can choose from four service levels, which can best be viewed as an annual package of functions.  You choose the service prior to use. The service will be active for 12 months. Following this period, you again decide how you wish to use the GPS tracker and whether you want to continue the service.  Depending on the service level you have chosen, you will have access to the following functions:

  • The ability to always view locations online
  • The ability to immediately retrieve the location the case of emergency/theft
  • Receipt of the sabotaged report if the power supply is interrupted
  • Security zones. You will receive a message when a vehicle leaves a security zone
  • Speed reports
  • Kilometre logs that register all trips, including address details

View the full overview of functions here.


European coverage

As the GPS tracker has a roaming sim card, you will always have coverage within all 28 EU countries coverage, without additional costs. Moreover, the system is provider- independent. For example, if KPN suffers a disruption of service, the GPS tracker will immediately switch to another provider so that it always remains in operation and can continue transmitting locations.


We will give you an online tour

To give you a good impression of the possibilities, we will show you in an online tour how the TrackJack track and trace module works in practice.

View the online tour


Quotation without any obligation?

As a GPS track and trace systems specialist, we will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities available.  Contact us on: 010-8200190 or request a   quotation without any obligation. We are available on working days from 9.00 – 17.00 hours.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Also interested in kilometre logging?

In addition to tracking and tracing vehicles, we can provide you with an extensive   kilometre log   for complete insight into and full overview of your vehicle fleet.


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